About Freedelity

Created by Sebastien Buysse and Marc Alagem in 2010, Freedelity designs software solutions for retailers and merchants who want to get to know you better. The solutions developed by Freedelity allow them to communicate with you in the most relevant and respectful way possible and to offer you more personalized services.

You trust. We protect.

Freedelity has rapidly grown from a start-up to a robust company thanks to the trust of major retailers who want to build up their marketing database, ensure that it is regularly updated, and to the quality of the data collected. To meet these challenges, Freedelity has developed, on the one hand, the utilisation of reading the data stored in the chip of your ID card and, on the other hand, the Freedelity file which allows changes detected following the reading of your ID card chip (typically when moving) to be automatically passed on to all the merchants with whom you have voluntarily registered.

One of the key points in the relationship between Freedelity and its customers is the shared concern for strict compliance with regulations regarding the protection of personal data and the use of personal data for direct marketing purposes. Respect, transparency and a sense of service form the basis of the values that led Freedelity to conceive and develop MyFreedelity.

Thanks to MyFreedelity,, you do not only keep control over the use of your personal data, but you also have the option:

  • To dematerialise the many loyalty cards that pile up in your wallet.
  • To access the details of your purchases from member stores (dematerialisation of the receipt).
  • To view the points and benefits accumulated to reward your loyalty.
  • To manage the consents for the use of your email address, mobile number and home address for direct marketing purposes in one place.

Thank you for your trust!

Today, more than 6,000,000 consumers trust Freedelity and its vast amount of clients.

Sébastien Buysse

Freedelity's personal data protection policy details the processing of your data.

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